Impact of coronavirus on our environment

Hello friends and welcome all of you to the agricultural information, today we are talking about the impact of coronavirus on our environment. a very important topic which is very much discussed these days, yes Coronavirus COVID-19 -

Impact of coronavirus on our environment

which has engulfed the whole world, due to impact of coronavirus on our environment which  All of us have remained closed in our homes, friends, this global epidemic has taken a lot of lives, not knowing how many people have killed this global epidemic and  It is also difficult to say how long this will wreak havoc on all of us.

our scientists are working very hard and the vaccine of Kovid-19 is being made, it has been used in some places or hopefully soon.  Will be available and we will all be able to overcome this global epidemic.

 then friends, let us return to our topic for which I am talking to you today about the impact of coronavirus on environment changes in the environment caused by the coronavirus.  Yes, but you must be thinking that what changes in the environment of the coronavirus, not friends about who has seen many changes in the environment caused by coronavirus.i will talk to you today.

 Ever since this epidemic has spread its havoc, friends have been in a lock-down situation in all countries, due to which all factories are closed, all industries are closed, along with which pollution from factories and industries has also reduced.

Impact of coronavirus on our environment

This lock-down has a positive effect on our environment, the risk of global warming has also reduced, friends you may have felt that the air around you  What kind of changes have been made in the selection of petrol diesel industry, the pollution from the factories has brought relief to all of you, which is also a very good sign.

I am not saying in friends that coronavirus is a good thing, of course, there is an epidemic and it should end as soon as possible, but there is an aspect that if it were not a global pandemic, can we say that then we are safe.

Because the way environmental pollution is increasing, humans have started to tamper with environmental factors to meet their needs, many of its dangerous consequences can be seen in the future, perhaps even more dangerous than coronavirus.

Friends, we can say that this year an epidemic has made us think that we need to think above our selfishness  Down everything we do not have selfish responsibility for some of our nature during this global lockdown.

  We should sit down and think about what changes we can make to ourselves or what changes we can make in our lifestyles so that we can cut our lives happily without harming nature, let's talk this million down  Because of some good changes.

environmental air

The first impact of coronavirus on our environment is that it has been around three to four months in the world since the time it has been down and there has been a lot of change in the state of the environmental air.

Impact of coronavirus on our environment

Through much research it has been found out which level of pure air has increased.  Even Delhi, which is one of the most polluted states in India, which is also named in the pollution list of the world, there has been a lot of improvement in the air quality index.

  Like Delhi, America, China, England, Europe, air purity has increased in all countries of the world, so that we can say that this lock-down is going to show very good results in the coming days. which we can't feel right now is a positive sign.

Available water

Now let's talk about the second impact of coronavirus on our environment, water pollution, yes friends, all the garbage generated from different types of industry is dumped in our water, due to which our water is being polluted in excessive quantity, today we can see that the earth.

Impact of coronavirus on our environment

 There is no water available in 3 parts 4 part of the water, there is no availability of drinking water, are we facing the crisis of drinking water in many countries, so listen to this  Have come to know that the drinking water is over there.

Can you imagine that the earth on which you are living has three-quarters of the water and there is no water for your drinking or messing by nature  Is not this a mess we have done that we have done with nature, should we not think about it, but ever since it is a worldwide prisoner, the water supply?

There has been a lot of change in the situation, the water of rivers and lakes has been purified because the garbage coming from the factories coming to them is not cut today.

 Guys, if it happens forever, whatever the waste coming out of the factories is  We should make proper arrangements for its disposal so that this danger does not arise because friends, life is not possible without water, but it was  There is a lot of relief in this run-of-the-mill life, people have got a lot of relief and we have got enough time to think what we can do so that we do not have to face such a big crisis again.

Global warming

Now let's talk about the third impact of coronavirus on our environment global warming friends. As we hear how global warming is increasing, a report published in 2019 stated that the temperature of the entire Earth is 1-degree centigrade bigger than it has been in the last 100 years.

Impact of coronavirus on our environment

  Scientists say that 1 degree is a very high amount, which has started showing its effect, today our glaciers are melting and always day by day  In it because of the million town has seen the worst flood in many countries are falling in danger of flooding may also get some relief.

  Time for the family,

 yes, friends, you heard exactly right, nowadays we are busy in our lives in such a way that we do not have time for the family.

Many people have seen that they wake up every morning and start running from the morning itself.  It gets tiring when you come home at night and sleeps and the same routine has been going on for years so that they face family distance and they do not see themselves.

Shows that got the meantime they have enough time Vhapane are becoming much from the family that he could spend some time with your family and be able to correct your situation.

Slashed greenhouse emissions

     Friends, in the end, I would like to say that while disasters keep coming, we cannot do anything because it is not in our hands to face natural calamities only if we were in our hands, then why should we believe in God, what can we do for them.

 You can find out the reason and see what was our contribution behind his arrival because all the natural disasters that come today are behind our disasters.

tips how to stay happy

If there is definitely some hand then, friends, if you are reading this today, then surely think that today there is no coronavirus problem, nor is there a global warming problem.

Problems are what we cannot even imagine. Impact of coronavirus on our environment In what form can we punish? Absolutely no brother is beyond our thinking, but yes we can do so definitely follow the rules made by nature, yes, nature  Has also made some rules for you, if those rules are followed then we can prevent many natural disasters coming forward.

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